Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Glass Straw

I drink lots of coffee -- lots and lots and lots of coffee. Not surprisingly, my teeth are stained from the coffee. I'm not about to give up the coffee, but I would like to reduce the staining. And I think I've found the (environmentally-friendly) solution: a glass straw!

GlassDharma makes glass straw from the strongest commercial glass available. They are 100% non-toxic, microwave and dishwasher safe, made in the USA, and 100% vegan -- perfect for use with your morning coffee or afternoon diet coke. Bring one to Starbucks with you and ditch the environmentally-unfriendly plastic straw that comes with your iced beverage.

The straws are available in three styles: a straight straw, a bent straw (pictured), and a straw decorated with dots (perfect for kids). The straws range from $6 - $9 each; and they come in less-individually-expensive sets of 4. GlassDharma also sells brushes and cases for the straws, making them easy to take along with you. Shop it all here.

And, even better, during the month of April, GlassDharma is running a free straw giveaway (excluding $3 of the shipping and handling). All you need to do is visit this page, follow the simple instructions, and GlassDharma will send you a coupon via email for a glass straw.

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