Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Round-Up

If you're interested in reading (more) about Earth Day or participating in some of the Earth Day themed promotions companies are holding, check out these items:

The New York Times hypothesizes that as everyone gets richer, the planet will get greener (here).

According to the New Yorker, Earth Day is quite different now from when it was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 (here) (left image courtesy of the New Yorker).

Sometimes feel any efforts you make for the environment are an inconsequential drop in the bucket? Read Michael Pollan's article "Why Bother?" from last weekend's New York Times Magazine (here).

Earth Mosaic is sponsoring a contest that will plot photos taken from around the globe on a map. The photos must be taken within the 24-hour period of April 22 (based on your timezone). All images must be uploaded by April 30; photos are limited to 500 kilobytes in and JPEGs. To submit images, go to Earth Mosaic’s home page and click the Upload button.

Design a reusable shopping bag via Kroger's special website and get a free reusable shopping bag for your efforts.

And, finally, in honor of Earth Day, Bluefly is offering an additional 10% off everything.

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