Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vegan Purchase: Felix Ray (for Target) Handbag

I love Target! Especially its new Felix Ray (for Target) handbag collection. I purchased the right pictured canvas tote while I was in Florida a couple weeks ago. It was perfect for transitioning from the beach to a casual evening out. The navy color is very "in" this season, as is the gold hardware accents. Target's website says the bag is made from cotton and polyester, with patent leather trim, but based on the tag inside and the wear of the handles, I am (very) confident that the so-called "patent leather" trim really is a form of PVC plastic. The bag is $39.99 and also comes in gold. Find it here.

While we browsed Target in Florida, my friend considered the envelope clutch with a chain strap handle. In the end, the shell decoration led her to put it back on the shelf, although the shell may appeal to some people. The clutch comes in the left pictured gold and a navy blue similar to the canvas tote. It's made from the same cotton and PVC plastic, although Target's website correctly identifies the "patent leather" trim as PVC plastic, which further leads me to believe that the website is incorrect about the material of the trim on the tote. The clutch is $29.99. Find it here.

And, finally, for a combination of the tote and the clutch, check out Felix Ray (for Target)'s large straw tote in blue. Made from the same vegan materials, including the gold accent shell. $49.99; here.


3Lmom said...

So happy you posted this. I'd never thought to check out Target for handbags before, but I found a great vegan bag there over the weekend. It's summery with a black and white floral print.

The Professional Vegan said...

Excellent! I'm glad Target worked out for you. I'm a big fan of Target. :)