Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vegan Article Of Interest

When I went to see Jeffrey Masson speak over the weekend, he mentioned that the New York Times was writing an article about him and veganism in the Dining section. The article came out today; available here. I'm including a picture from the NYT website because the pigs are so adorable and Masson mentioned they ruined his jeans such that he couldn't wear them that night when he spoke, and I find it all amusing:
As noted in the article, Masson was interviewed at Angelica Kitchen, which is one of my favorite vegan restaurants in NYC. Exciting! And, though I'm sure they discussed lots and lots of things while at Angelica Kitchen, the author of the article repeatedly mentions how Masson is veganish and an aspiring vegan, which I always enjoy hearing because it makes me feel better about my non-vegan slip-ups and makes me want to continue on the vegan path. This is my favorite quote:
“I call myself an aspiring vegan — sometimes I say veganish,” Mr. Masson said. “I make mistakes sometimes.” If he’s at a restaurant and finds out he ate cake made with a bit of butter, he said: “I can live with that. It’s just too weird and too hostile to go ‘blech’ and throw up and say, ‘I can’t believe I just ate that.’
Read the entire article here.

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