Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vegan on the Weekend: Vacation!

I am going on vacation for an entire week! Amazing! Part of the week, I will be in a location that necessitates shorts. Thus, before I suspend posting for the week, I thought I would leave you with some vegan summer short options:

First, Zoa has some dressy shorts in its summer line, perfect for semi-casual evenings and nights out, such as the left pictured pleated pocket shorts in "feather grey." They also are available in a darker "steel" color. They are made from polyester and rayon. On sale for $73 via Couture Candy; here. Also check out Zoa's high waisted cuffed shorts available in a "cream" which looks more like white to me; made from cotton and nylon; also $73; here.

Second, JCrew's summer line features a bunch of shorts made from different vegan materials and available in several different lengths. I like the classic chino short in the 3" length in the right pictured honey brown. The shorts come in a dozen other colors and in 5" and 7" lengths; the 7" length is perfect for casual golf, though some may say that capris are the shortest you should go for golf. Made from 100% cotton. Depending on color, the 3" length shorts are $29.50 or $39.50; find them here. Similarly, depending on color, the 5" length shorts are $29.50 or $39.50; find them here. And, again depending on color, the 7" length shorts are $42, $32, or $29.99; find them here.

JCrew also has shorts for men, mostly chinos, and also in various lengths. My favorite for men are the premium officer's chino shorts in the classic "british khaki" color (pictured left). The shorts come in 4 other colors. Made from cotton; $54.50; here.

Third, and finally, I think Banana Republic's striped cargo bloomer shorts (pictured right) are very cute for the summer. Pair them with a t-shirt, belt (vegan, of course!), and some high-heeled or wedge sandals. The shorts are made from linen and cotton. They only come in the pictured seagull grey; $59; find them here.

I'll be back with more vegan clothing and accessories next week!

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Nice mini skirt so adorable you should also try pink suit for your outfit.