Monday, April 6, 2009

A Pelican, A Vintage Poster, And Some Jellies

My trip to Florida was a huge success -- relaxing, rejuvenating, full of walks on the beach, good food at interesting restaurants, and a bit of shopping, of course.

While walking on the pier, I made a new friend -- a cute, potentially older pelican, who I decided was male. The webbing of one of his feet was injured -- a few holes, one entire section missing. I felt so bad for him. He must have known; he came waddling up to me and stood somewhat near me for a bit. I saw him again the next day and let me stand by him again. I took pictures; this one has the best up-close view of his injured foot:

Prior to meeting my pelican friend, I ate at a very interesting restaurant called The Bubble Room. The restaurant has over 2,000 antiques -- quite a collection -- everything from Christmas-themed Mickey Mouses to this rather alarming vintage Coke ad:

Yes, I was quite alarmed: give me of Coke and of course I will have sex with you. So alarmed that I had to go shopping. While shopping I fell in love with these Chanel jellies:

Unfortunately, their price tag of about $300 also is alarming. As they are Chanel, they are unavailable for sale online as far my searches reveal. But they are fun to look at -- and vegan!


Katie said...

That poster is indeed appalling, but aww! Look at the cute little pelican!

Anonymous said...

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