Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vegan(ish) Purchase: Makeup and Kiehl's!

I haven't updated my swiftly dwindling stock of makeup and skincare products for months and months and months, so when I landed at the King of Prussia mall on Sunday, I went a bit crazy and purchased a mini-stockpile. Here are the highlights, all of which I think are vegan, but I'm never really sure with makeup and skincare products unless its clearly marked one way or the other (such as Kiehl's stylist haircare line that includes silk -- eek -- that was my favorite pre-vegan!). As for the companies I purchase from, I have no idea what their policies regarding use of animals for testing are (either on their completed products or as to their suppliers). Please don't pounce on my choice of companies or products. Transitioning a life to eating vegan, dressing vegan, and using only vegan products is complicated and takes time; for me, the products that land in my bathroom or makeup case seem to be the biggest challenge. Regardless, here's some of what I got:

To begin, I replenished my supply of Laura Mercier's foundation primer. I use the original, created in 1995, to "prime" the skin before application of foundation and other layers. It is $30; available here.

While I was replenishing my supply of primer, I noticed, and fell in love with, Laura Mercier's shimmer bloc. I purchased it in the peach mosaic and intend to wear it over foundation to add a bit of shimmer to an otherwise matte face. The shimmer bloc is $38; here.

For my eyes, I've been craving a purple-hued shimmery eye-shadow. Naturally, I went to MAC for that and ended up purchasing the mineralize eye shadow duo in odd couple (pictured), a combination of purple with gold mixed with lavender and bronze veining. The eye shadow goes on sheer and leaves a soft shimmer. The eye shadow duo is $19.50; find it here. To apply the eye shadow, I also purchased a tapered blending brush ($28; here).

Finally, I bought a bag-load from Kiehl's, including intensive treatment for dry and callused areas, which is the best I have found for swiftly taking care of ultra-dry areas ($22.50 for a tube; here).


Jennifer said...

You should be able to tell if these cosmetics test on animals by checking out the Caring Consumer web site.

becka said...

Dude. I have the Peach shimmer bloc and I never use it. You could have raided my stash first, I'm trying to get rid of almost everything!

The Professional Vegan said...

I'll raid your stash soon . . . I desperately needed something to hold me over . . . and I love the bloc, so I will take yours as well as backup. ;)

becka said...
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becka said...

You won't need a back up! That thing will last you forever. You can still have mine though -- if I don't swap it in the meantime ;)