Monday, August 17, 2009

Vegan Deal: Blue Avocado Summer Blowout Sale

Blue Avocado, purveyor of very functional reusable bags that scrunch up into a little egg that is super easy to carry in your purse, is holding their summer blowout sale: 40% off all purchases of $29.99 and above. My favorite Blue Avocado items are the gro-pac collection full kit, which replaces 16 grocery bags and folds up neatly into one bag (pictured), and the insulated chil bag, perfect for carrying items that need to be kept cold. Visit Blue Avocado and enter gooodkarma40 at checkout for your 40% off; sale ends August 31.

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Paige Davis said...

thanks professional vegan for the shout out! we heart your blog!! best - paige @ blueavocado:-)