Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vegan Purchase: Nicole Farhi Trousers

Nicole Farhi is one of my favorite -- perhaps even favorite -- designers. So when I learned that DIANI, a boutique based out of Santa Barbara, California, carries some of her items, I immediately added their online store to my favorite websites. And then when DIANI had an online sale on some Nicole Farhi items, I splurged and purchased the Charlie Chaplin trouser (pictured). I love the relaxed fit, which is perfect for more casual days at work. Pair the trousers with a blouse or button-down shirt and a jacket (the matching jacket is also on sale, but only available in size 10) for a more formal look, or with a sweater for less formal look. The pants are deep navy blue with subtle pinstripes. They are made from cotton and lycra -- yes, vegan! The price is a bit steep: originally $285, I got them on sale at 50% off -- $142. Though my Nicole Farhi pieces last forever; sometimes it is work paying a bit extra for classic, versatile pieces -- or so I tell myself to validate my purchase.

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