Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday's Work-Appropriate Clothing Item: Bell Sleeve Dress

I don't actually own a bell sleeve dress, mainly for two reasons: (1) I don't tend to wear dresses, though I think I might wear one with bell sleeves; and (2) every time I try on a bell sleeve dress, it doesn't look right on me. Regardless, I am still drawn to bell sleeve dresses and if they look good on you, I think they are very work-appropriate as long as they aren't too short. The pictured "Muse Bell Sleeve Ponte Knit Shift" dress is a recent addition to Nordstrom's website. It comes in the pictured eggplant and is made from rayon, polyester, and spandex. Though the dress hits a bit high above the knee on the model, I think it would be fine for most people. I especially enjoy the black contrasting curves on the bell sleeves. The dress is $148; find it here.


jenifer said...

Lovely dress!! I'm pretty impressed with the Nordstrom dresses collection!!

Shirley said...

That dress is beautiful and would be perfect for fall season. Hope to find a cheap version of this dress at Nordstrom.