Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday's Work-Appropriate Shoes: Shuella

Great for getting to the office, though not exactly appropriate for in the office, Shuellas (a combination of shoe and umbrella) are just that -- umbrellas for your shoes. Shuellas are made from a waterproof vegan substance (aka - rubber); come in a convenient reusable pouch complete with a cloth to wipe off excess water before returning to the pouch after use; have a nonskid bottom; can slip over any type of shoe, including heels; and come in the same sizes as shoes so that your shuella actually fits comfortably over your shoes. Though I don't own a pair, I'm very intrigued.

Shuellas are available in a variety of colors, including black, of course. They are regularly $49.95, which includes shipping; for a limited time (now through April 24), you can get them for $34.95, including shipping, by entering the Shuella website through a special Daily Candy reader link, which I am revealing here.

And, to put under your Shuellas, check out Naturalizer's "Diverse" pumps (pictured left). I definitely categorize these pumps as classic, conservative, professional -- 2 1/4" heel -- great for pants suits that will cover the ultra-conservative criss-cross straps at the top. They are made from a fabric upper; the remainder is synthetic (though, I can't vouch for the content of Naturalizer's glue). Originally $69.95, is offering them for $59.99, including free shipping. Find them here.

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