Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vegan on the Weekend: Casual T-Shirts

My typical weekend outfit consists of flip-flops, casual jeans, and a t-shirt, preferably a t-shirt in a subdued color such as navy, gray, or an army-ish green. So far, my favorite t-shirts are from James Perse and Banana Republic, but, of course, I am amiable to expanding my collection.

Recently I stumbled upon Edun Live, a brand of organic cotton t-shirts. I love their mission statement:

T-shirts need to assume an elevated status in our society. If they really mean so much to us, why do we wear them so carelessly, toss them in stinky laundry piles, sully them with stains of coffee, ale, or blood? The t-shirt deserves to have a noble cause behind it, something that matches in intensity and relevance our love for these little pieces of cotton. Hence, EDUN LIVE. We make t-shirts that support sustainable socioeconomic development. . . . Our shirts are made in Africa by Africans. We support communities, give jobs to the jobless, and teach skills to people who lack specialized training. . . . We feature 100% certified organic cotton t-shirts in our product line and make great efforts to help farmers transition from conventional cotton farming to organic farming through our development of the Conservation Cotton Initiative with the Wildlife Conservation Society. . . . This, finally, is an endeavor that is worthy of the holy, sainted t-shirt.
I agree. Find the t-shirts here. My pick is the Eve - Gal's Organic Tee in the black (of course), deep purple, forest green (pictured), or graphite grey. $28; buy three or more of the same style, color, and size and save 20%.

I'm also intrigued by the boyfriend tee style that is becoming more prevalent, such as the Frenchi boyfriend tee I saw at Nordstrom last weekend as I zoomed past the juniors section (pictured left in "heather antler"). I know, it's juniors . . . but, it's a baggy weekend t-shirt, so I assume the fit isn't very "junior"-ish in the end. The tee is made from polyester and rayon and is $20. Find it here. If you're not convinced that "junior" is for you, similar to the Frenchi tee are Trouve's v-neck boyfriend tee (polyester, cotton, rayon; $28) and Trouve's one pocket boyfriend tee (polyester, cotton, rayon; $28).

Finally, renewing my love of James Perse, the relaxed v-neck tee seems to be his version of the boyfriend tee (cotton; $50). Also, Bluefly is offering James Perse's cotton crewneck t-shirt on sale for $32 (originally $53; 40% off) -- here.

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