Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vegan on the Weekend: Jellies

When I first inventoried my shoes after committing to maintaining a vegan lifestyle, I thought that my Stuart Weitzman clear jelly shoes with little crystals on their fronts were vegan . . . but, alas, they are not. The jelly shoes are decorated with a silver bow -- that I'm almost positive is made from leather -- and the footbed is definitely leather. Eeek. Regardless, I have had them for almost three years (essentially pre-pre-vegan) and they are super comfortable and great to wear during weddings when my feet hurt after dancing . . . so, I am keeping them until they fall apart. The closest items Stuart Weitzman currently has for sale are its jelly thong sandals, which still incorporate leather, and look nothing like my shoes. If you're intrigued, you can check them out here. And, even better, you can find a version of mine on Zappos . . . here (pictured).

But, because of the jelly trend, there are a number of cute jelly shoes that don't incorporate leather (and, of course, like the Stuart Weitzman's, some that do). My favorite is Burberry's jelly thongs. They come in 4 colors: white, citrine (lightish green), plum, and black (pictured -- I really do pick black 95% of the time if the option is present). 100% rubber! They are $125 -- and are available online at Burberry and Nordstrom.

Very similar to Burberry's t-strap jelly thongs are Jimmy Choo's jelly thong sandals. Made from rubber upper, lining, and sole. They come in the pictured "caramel leopard" and "black zebra" (both via Nordstrom). They are $175 -- which, to me, seems a bit over the top for jelly thongs.

There also is Tod's version of the Burberry and Jimmy Choo . . . which is available online through Neiman Marcus and through its website. The t-strap jellies come in white, clear, red, and black, and seem to be made entirely of rubber. However, they boast a little tassel tie-thing at the top of the t-strap that I fear may be made from leather. They are also $175.

More in the traditional style of jelly shoe, rather than thong or flip-flop, is Tory Burch's jelly version of the "Reva" logo ballet flat. The jelly version comes in purple (pictured), parrot pink, medium navy, equestrian orange, and bright yellow. They are made entirely from rubber. I've seen the jellies in person, but did not try them on. They look very cute; and the three holes as vents near the inside arch are especially endearing. I assume they are either are very comfortable or skin-cutting and squeaky. At $95, they are the least expensive designer option.

Finally, Givenchy's "Lace-Up Jelly" qualifies as a jelly . . . and it is quite an intriguing twist on the jelly. I think the picture says it all. There is a hidden 1" wedge heel. Though they are made from rubber, I fear that the laces could be leather . . . something to check in-store. They come in the pictured off-white and black. $170; available via Saks here.

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