Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday's Vegan Suit: Nanette Lepore!

Perfect for the spring and summer, Nanette Lepore's "Sittin' Pretty" twill jacket has three-quarter-length sleeves accented with buckled tabs that double-breasted button front. I'm a fan especially of the double-breasted front paired with the half-belt around the back. The fully-lined jacket is made from cotton, viscose rayon, and elastane. Check it out here; $495.

The jacket pairs with Nanette Lepore's "Showin' Some" skirt, which is a great length except for the slit that depending on your height might show a bit too much leg (I guess that's the point though?). Made from the same cotton, viscose rayon, and elastane blend. Find it here; $275.

Although Nordstrom (where I found the suit) doesn't show the jacket paired with pants, I think that the jacket likely pairs with Nanette Lepore's "Picnic" pants. The pants are made from the same vegan fiber blend and boast similar buttons as the jacket. However, I would check the items in person to decide whether they actually go together. The pants are $295; check them out here.

Finally, bonus vegan suit, also from Nanette Lepore: the "Woodshole" jacket paired with the "Plymouth" pants. Both come in navy accented with ivory stitching and both are made from a cotton/spandex blend. The jacket is $495; here. The pants are $295; here. Stock up while the vegan suits are in season!

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3Lmom said...

Too cute! I wish I had the cash for this suit.