Sunday, March 15, 2009

Relaxing on the Weekend

It's a cloudy, potentially rainy Sunday where I am located, which means it's time to take a long, luxurious bath. I'm still working through some of my pre-vegan bath products, many of which I assume are not vegan. But, over the holidays, one of my best friends sent me a gift set from Lush filled with entirely vegan items! I love it all, especially the handmade soaps. They are pretty to look at too, such as the ice blue soap (a peppermint soap; here). A search of Lush's website reveals that it has over 200 vegan product, all clearly marked as such, so check it out!

And recently (as in 2 days ago), I stumbled across a retailer of natural spa and body products, all created by hand, all never tested on animals, and all vegan: Cactus & Ivy. The company is based out of California and sells body lotion, body balm, body scrubs, face moisturizer, and lip balms, among other items. Check out the complete product line here.

Cactus & Ivy markets sampler packages, which I would love to try! Better yet . . . which I would love to win . . . MF4U is giving away one Traveler Sampler to a lucky reader. Enter the contest here! This is what you could win:

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