Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday's Vegan Accessory: Molecule Dish

Via Merchant No. 4. The Molecule Dish is part of the "Setcast" Collection designed by London design firm, voonwong&bensonsaw. It comes in three sizes: the pictured medium, small, and large. Perfect for serving appetizers that require an array of condiments, displaying interesting trinkets . . . conversation. The dishes are made from handmade bone china in China. The small is $65, medium is $75, and the large is $90 -- a little hefty on the price, but oh so interesting.

**** UPDATE: so, I goofed -- these dishes PROBABLY ARE NOT vegan. Ever hear stories about vegans eating egg noodles simply because they don't realize that egg noodles means actual eggs and were told that pasta is almost always vegan and thus have conditioned their minds to associate pasta with acceptable food? Just apply that tale here. I didn't look into whether their "bone" china was actual, true, authentic, made from cattle (I assume) bones. If a dish doesn't have leather lining (you would surprised what you can buy out there), I usually take a mental shortcut and assume it's vegan. Thus, I completely overlooked the "bone" part of the china here. I still haven't looked into it . . . so, I can't tell you if the dishes are "faux" bone china. But, yes, they may not be vegan. Regardless, check out the two items below. ****

Also! For eco-friendly, sometimes vegan accessories (and some clothing) ideas, check out, an awesome site which offers news and reviews on some of the best green products that you can buy today.

And! Speaking of eco-friendly living, did you know that last year Americans used over 100 billion (BILLION! 100!) plastic bags? Get the ball rolling and pledge to get off plastic right here! I have been using canvas and other totes (such as the bags I get when I purchase yoga clothing and other items from Lululemon) for a couple years. If those two (well, maybe only the first) facts aren't enough to convince you to ditch the plastic, watch this video:

And remember -- take the pledge here.


Suasoria said...

How is bone china vegan-friendly? Is it a faux bone china?

carla said...

first time reader and VERY COOL BLOG!!

off to explore as Id love to get more vegan guest posts etc on my blog.


Suasoria said...

Thanks for the update! I had a flashback of registering for wedding gifts. Should you find yourself in Bloomingdales one day, picking out a china pattern just so your fiance's shirttail relatives in Boca won't have to put any thought into a gift, this will be the kind of question you're forced to ask...

Aaron said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Prof. Vegan.

Much love back at ya :)

- Aaron Dalton, Editor,