Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday's Work Appropriate Clothing Item: DKNY Short Sleeve Dress

Classic crew-neck, perfect knee-touching 39 inch length, and professional short sleeves make this DKNY dress a great summer wardrobe option. If you are in an air-conditioned office, pair it with a sweater (not black - add some color). And for meetings, you can pair it with a blazer (not completely black - again, add some contrasting color). The dress is made from viscose and elastane and is lined with ramie, viscose, and elastane. It is $295. Find it here via Shopbop.

For a pairing idea, I find this Brochu Walker duplex sweater coat very intriguing, though prohibitively expensive: 100% cotton, a whopping $526. Depending on your office culture, this Juicy Couture shrunken jacket may be a good match, especially with its white contrasting, though the jacket combined with the dress might be too much black on black: cotton, rayon, acetate, $348. Or perhaps this William Rast jacket (pictured), which is similar to the Juicy Couture, but with flipped colors (beige with black contrasting): cotton with polyester lining, $297.


melissa said...

Great work attire options!

Max Hayden said...

Lady with duplex sweater looking so nice in this dress.
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