Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Cold; Time For Boots

I have lived in the Northeast my whole life. I grew up in Connecticut, went to undergrad in New York City, then worked for a bit in New York City, and went to law school in Massachusetts. I still am located on the East Coast. Accordingly, I own three pairs of cold-winter-weather boots: (1) black leather and suede thick sole UGGs (similar to this); (2) a take on the classic tall UGGs (the original version of this); and (3) the original version of the black Coach snow boot from three seasons ago that is vaguely similar to this, although about twice as tall with a less sturdy sole and a 3" heel (like this one).

Like the first linked Coach boot, I am pretty sure that mine incorporates real rabbit fur; eeek; forgive me, I have changed. Anyhow, the less sturdy rubber sole of the Coach boot is completely worn down, making it essentially unwearable in the snow (not that it was ever that amazing in the snow) and un-sturdy most other times as well. I already meant to replace it this season. The pair of black UGGs, which has survived five winters, is on its last bit of sole as well. I also already meant to replace it this season. The other pair of UGGs is in good shape and will remain part of my wardrobe.

Pre-vegan, I would have replaced the Coach boots with these UGGs (pictured left). I love that it is different than most other UGGs, yet still a tall, warm boot. But it has dead cow (suede) heel guard, is lined with sheepskin, and is knit with a wool blend. Ouch. So, I found a similar version that uses no animal products . . . and bought it. It's made by Union Bay (pictured right) -- and is half the price. The boots are super cozy, although possibly not as fuzzy or warm as the UGGs, but warm enough; and I am willing to give up some fuzz for the animals. I'm also not thrilled that the toe isn't as reinforced as the UGGs, but if I want to remain a vegan, I must take what I can get.

Now all I need to find is a pair of vegan boots that can replace my super-sturdy, snow-mounting, puddle-smacking, ultra-waterproof, long-lasting black UGGs. That might take a bit more time.


Laura C said...

There is also which is a little different but along the same lines.

I own (which I bought in MN at Fast and Furless!) which have worked out well for me so far. Keep in mind though, that both kinds are made by Earth Shoes, so they have the "reverse heel" foodbed. It is comfortable to walk in and supposed to be good for your posture, but does require socks to go blisterless

Laura C said...

Sorry - forgot to linkify! The similar boots are the Juniper, and my boots are the
Lodge style.