Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Completely, Entirely, Totally Vegan Handbag Designers

In my quest to find a vegan handbag, I stumbled across a handful of entirely vegan designers of handbags and other accessories. Here are my favorite three:

1) Vegan Queen, launched in 2007 by designer Evelina (a former model and vegan devotee), makes eco-conscious high-end designer handbags using only natural, organic, non-toxic, and recycled material. The bags range from $300 - $900 and are made in the United States. My favorites are the Boston Bag (pictured left) and the Eco Tote.

2) Matt & Nat, headquartered in Montreal, makes a line of very popular (and gorgeous) vegan handbags and shoes. The bags range from $200 - $300 and wallets range from $75 - $100. Once my funds replenish, I want this wallet (pictured right).

3) olsenHaus, under the direction of designer Elizabeth Haus, also makes purely vegan accessories. Its website emphasizes its line of shoes, but it also has a line of vegan handbags.

I also was impressed by NYArtificial, billed at the "first alternative handbag and accessory stores in New York City," which seems to carry only vegan handbags and accessories, and Chinese Laundry, which, likewise, seems to sell only vegan handbags.

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