Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vegan on the Weekend: Trip to Lush

The bathroom in my new (gorgeous) apartment features this:
Obviously, I had to go to Lush to get some bath bombs to try out the tub (and the bath bombs, which I haven't used before because I always have been scared of sitting in the tubs in my previous apartments, even once scrubbed). I got 2 -- the geo phyzz ($7.15), which is composed of sea salts that dissolve slowly in the tub and soften the skin; and the avobath ($5.80), which I have heard turns tub water a lovely avocado green color. As you may have guessed, I used the geo phyzz last night and am saving the avobath for later. Of course, both are vegan.

While at Lush, I browsed their new holiday collection. At 47 days away, as I commented to my salesperson, it is way too early to be thinking about Christmas, etc. She assured me that Lush will be having a black friday sale complete with a DJ, and I assured her I will be there to get my free face something (I forget exactly what) with purchase of a holiday gift set. Until then, my favorite of Lush's vegan holiday items are:

Let Them Eat Cake lip balm (pictured right). A vegan lip balm with the tastes of orange and lemons, currants and sultanas, vanilla and sherry. Clearly top of the list. $6.95.

Satsumo Santa bath bomb (pictured left). Get cosy in the bath with the Santa man? I find this a bit odd, but it features a refreshing citrus fruit blend with manadarin oil, bergamot oil and orange blossom absolute. Sounds yummy to me. $5.95.

Best Wishes gift set (pictured below). Features four holiday bath bombs, all vegan: Satsumo Santa, of course, Mr. Butterball, filled with bits of cocoa butter, So White, and L'il Lush Pud. $19.95 -- the perfect price for a holiday gift.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this! It inspired me to run into a local Lush store yesterday and go completely nuts. I did find out though, from the store manager, that Lush is "famous for mislabeling." Some products are labeled vegan which aren't vegan, and vice-versa. If I'm not mistaken, the "best wishes" gift set isn't marked vegan and the "lil push pad" bomb in it (or whatever it is) isn't marked vegan either. I bought this set because there was a vegan worker there who checked the ingredients and said she is pretty sure this bomb IS vegan (which would make the "Best Wishes" gift set vegan). However, there is one set in a silver-star packaging and it IS labeled vegan, but it has a honey bomb in it, thus making it mislabeled and not vegan. I tweeted to LushLTD and they admitted they have errors... sooooo I'm still not 100% that the "Best Wishes" gift set is vegan, even though I bought it, but moral of this story--DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING AT LUSH!!

Mona said...

haha, I'm afraid of most bathtubs too. Enjoy your new apartment.

Anonymous said...

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