Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Professional Vegan Relocates

Not within the inter-webs . . . physically! This is why I've been absent for the past almost month. In that time, I finished my first job out of law school, packed up all my stuff, bopped around the east coast for a couple weeks visiting friends, and then moved across the country to a location to remain undisclosed, but, never fear, still great for vegan shopping. My new job starts in a couple weeks. I'm not sure what my schedule will be, and how conducive it will be to posting every morning as usual, but I will try to post as often as I can. On the days that I do post, I will follow the schedule. Thus, if I post on a Tuesday, I will post a vegan-friendly work-appropriate clothing item. If I post on a Friday, I will post a vegan-friendly accessory. I just might not have a chance to post every day. So, please don't abandon me . . . have patience as I figure out my new life with a new job in a new (physical and mental) state.

During my travels, I picked up a few vegan items. My favorite of the acquisitions are two black turtlenecks from Ann Taylor Loft. First, my favorite favorite is the button-detail turtleneck (pictured right in the crushed berry). The sweater features four matching buttons at the cuffs and four matching buttons down either side. And the turtle of the turtleneck turns down perfectly -- not too chunky as can happen with many chunky turtleneck sweaters. Made from 100% cotton. In addition to crushed berry, it comes in five other colors, including, of course, my choice of black. Originally $49.50, Ann Taylor Loft has it on sale for $29.50. Find it here.

Second is a simple "turtleneck tee" made from jersey (cotton and modal). In addition to the pictured black (left), it comes in five other solid colors and in a black and grey or grey and tan striped pattern. The solid turtlenecks are $24.50; the striped turtleneck is $29.50. Find the solid colors here; find the striped patterns here.


Anonymous said...

So happy you're back! Your readers missed you.

Suasoria said...

Congratulations on the move! Glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

I love your tips.
Hope you have good lucky in the new place :D

I am linking the blog for sure, love blogs that love animals!

chansara said...

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