Friday, September 18, 2009

Vegan Purchase: Shirts From Banana Republic

I very recently purchased Banana Republic's fitted non-iron shirt in white and the pictured "sail cloth," which I think of as grey. I have requirements for my collared shirts: they must be non-iron; if they don't have super fancy adornments on the sleeves (such as ruffles), they must have the equivalent of barrel cuffs; and they must be long enough to stay in my pants. If possible, I also like the buttons down the front to be concealed. Banana Republic's new non-iron shirt fit my requirements, and my body, perfectly -- so I purchased two of them.

The shirts are made from cotton with a bit of lycra to achieve their non-iron feature. In addition to the grey and white, the shirt also comes in navy blue (on sale), pink, and a bright(ish) green. They are $59 each. Banana Republic was running a sale the last few days -- 40% off full price items if you purchased with your Banana Republic credit card -- so I got each for $35.40. Find the shirt here.


Kelly said...

I too am picky when it comes to the fit and style of my tailored shirts. I'm also lazy when it comes to breaking out my ironing board every Sunday evening. Like a diamond, my non-iron shirts must pass the many "C's", specifically Cut and Comfort. If your vegan tastes approve of Banana's non-iron, definitely try Brooks Brothers, a personal fav of mine. Like Banana, Brooks Brothers has the same XLA no-iron finish. I've had mine for years and the shape is still perfect.

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