Friday, September 25, 2009

Sleep Lairs and a Cave Bookcase

On Wednesday (Sept 23), the Wall Street Journal featured on the front page of its personal journal section an article titled, "Pimp My Bed: The Male Sleep Lair." Though I guess designers are targeting these "sleep lairs" to men (for an example, see below picture taken from article), I expect they would be equally useful to and enjoyable by women, professional and otherwise. Though I find it a bit off-putting that the WSJ deemed these contraptions "male," and thereby seemingly only (or appropriately only) for men, I think the actual products are very interesting and wanted to post.
Somewhat similar, and on today's subject of bookcases, and somewhat akin to the "sleep lair," check out sakura adachi's CAVE bookshelf (pictured below). I can't find a distributor of this contraption online and thus don't have a price, but, regardless, I think the idea is fabulous. The description says it all: "A bookcase CAVE provides a private reading space within its form. As a seat height is just above the floor, CAVE gives a feeling of hiding from others standing around it. Books can be stored on both sides. Therefore, CAVE can also functions as a partition of a room."
Interestingly, online pictures of CAVE show women and children within it. Apparently women and children are thought to need tiny spaces to hide in and thereby be able to disappear from scary other people in the world, while apparently men need an entire lair set-up that includes a champagne cooler and widescreen television. I like both products; not sure about the marketing of them.

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