Thursday, September 17, 2009

Limited Edition Vegan Coat With Sale Profits Going To Farm Sanctuary

I'm still on a bit of a break from the daily blogging (busy week on the job after returning from a short vacation, honestly) . . . I intend to return next week . . . but, to tide you over, check out Vaute Couture's limited run “Vaute” coat.

Some pertinent info from the designer: "The alluring pea/dress coat — inspired by the winning illustration chosen by 8,000 voters from the Vaute Couture community, and interpreted into a feminine hourglass silhouette with oversized asymmetrical collar, puffed sleeves and inverted pleated skirt — is fully lined in a windproof 100 percent recycled zero waste satin ripstop, and is wind, water and snow resistant. The product of eight months of fabric research, it is constructed of a brand new technologically advanced fabric from the Polartec Wind Pro Series that is luxuriously soft and designed to retain heat while staying slim and flattering."

Vaute Couture is producing a variety of colors (Black, Cobalt Blue, Gray, and Ivory, as well as a Honeycomb Recycled Black version) and in sizes XS-XL. 25 coats of each color are being made. In line with the limited nature of the run and the couture label of the designer, each coat is $562. Of interest, all net profits of the sale go to Farm Sanctuary. I love Farm Sanctuary! Find the coat here.


Audrey said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that I found your blog while looking for professional vegan workwear. What a coincidence that someone had started a blog with exactly what I'm looking for.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Leanne Maily said...

Leanne from Vaute Couture here- referred to your blog then saw you posted about the vaute, thanks!

Just a note- the price tag has nothing to do with prestige (nor does the limited run)... it is because all of our fabrics are super high quality & performance vegan fabrics (brand new technology- that only we are using), eco-conscious, and made in Chicago on a living wage... so a purchase supports all of these things and will last quite a long time! The Limited run is because my start-up is funded entirely on life savings, and preorders. So, I can only afford (barely really) to make 25 of each color/style. If you want to k.i.t. we do lots of sales (including half off preorders in the spring) via newsletter- sign up on the homepage "stay in the loop."

xoxo Leanne