Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vegan Purchase: Tretorn Slip-ons

My Keds met an unfortunate temporary demise this weekend during Memorial Day festivities and craziness. As Keds are machine washable, they have been returned to their former vegan goodness. But I needed to temporarily replace them -- as in, immediately upon the unfortunate temporary demise.

To replace them, I purchased Tretorn's "Mikaela" canvas slip-on sneakers (pictured in the "goat gray" that I bought). I love the decorative buttons. They slip-on very easily and are quite comfortable. The sneakers also come in navy blue, black, and a yellow-ish gold. At $70, they were slightly expensive, but I was in desperate need and these were the only replacements I immediately could find that I thought I would get good future use out of. Find them here.

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