Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Calling All Vegan Chefs (and Others): Tofu Takedown

If you're from NYC, you might have heard of the Chili Takedown -- since 2005, amateur cooks have been bringing their amateur(ish) chilis to a massive event and competing for prizes, money, etc. Actor/filmmaker Matt Timms is "producing" a similar (hopefully inaugural) event for tofu, aptly named the Tofu Takedown. "Tofu Gladiators compete for blood and prizes," the event poster announces and challenges.

Tofu Takedown is set for May 10 (that's Sunday!) at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan. So, if you are an amateur vegan/tofu chef, enter the competition and show the world (well, NYC) what you can do with tofu. And if you like tofu, come to the event and eat!

I will leave you with some words from the producer: "For too long, vegetarians have been unhappily doggy paddling in a sea of comfort food. NO MORE.The most audacious takedown to date features TOFU, meat of the soy gods. Some may interpret this as a smack in the porky face of the previous bacon takedown!!! All it is, is another takedown!!!" For more information, go here.

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