Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vegan Purchase: Steve Madden Pumps

I purchased two pairs of vegan Steve Madden pumps at Designer Shoe Warehouse -- "DSW" (does anyone call it by its full name anymore?) -- a week or so ago and have been searching online to find a link to them, but have been entirely unsuccessful. Accordingly, I took semi-okay pictures with my iPhone and am posting them.

The pumps have 2.75" heels (perfect height!) and a pointed, yet not-too-pointy toe. As clearly indicated on the inside label, they are made entirely of man-made materials . . . vegan . . . how rare to find vegan Steve Madden pumps! I purchased them (1) in the shiny black, which, while shiny, I find to be matte enough to wear with almost any suit, and (2) in a tan/taupe, which pairs perfectly with my lighter summer suits. I also wore the tan/taupe pumps with a black suit that has tan pinstripes to rave reviews. The shoes were $59.95 each, "compared with" $79.99. I highly recommend these if you can find them at your local DSW or similar.

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